Ashamed to be a Pakistani Today

“Hell is realizing that one did not help when one could have.” James Mawdsley, The Heart Must Break

Whenever I go through Immigration at the airport, I have Maher Arar running through my head. Will I be pulled aside? Will I be sent to some dungeon?

This, is every minute of your life spent in that state of fear, with no hope for any sort of redress at the other side of the tunnel:

“Even our little children are afraid that if they say something wrong at school, they will be charged with blasphemy.” … “In our churches, homes and workplaces we feel fear. It’s very easy to make this accusation because of a grudge, or for revenge. Anyone can accuse you.”

It is easy to see “their” violence and “their” hypocrisy. It is convenient to rail about Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq etc. But, what is this, if not a life besieged, a life under occupation, a life lived in a state of terror?

Erase that “today” from the subject.

“Unfortunately and sadly there are people who feel bigger when they pick on someone who cannot fight back. It’s called bullying. I went to Sheikhupura jail to stand up against a bully and it has encouraged others to do so as well. That’s what taking a moral stance is.”

RIP, Salmaan Taseer

From Salmaan Taseer’s Twitter-feed:

-My observation on minorities: A man/nation is judged by how they support those weaker than them not how they lean on those stronger

-the White strip in our flag is 4 Minorities.Our religion commits us 2 their protection.She is a poor women who could not defend herself

-I was under huge pressure 2 cow down b4 rightest pressure on blasphemy.Refused. Even if I’m the last man standing

-Covered in the righteous cloak of religon and even a puny dwarf imagines himself a monster . Important to face. And call their bluff

-Aasia bibi case mobilized public opinion against extremists like Rosa Parks in US South.

-B4 my visit 2 Sheikapura jail ppl were afraid to talk of the black blasphemy laws now it’s open season. The glass wall has been broken

-Leaving for district jail Sheikhapura 2 see Aasia bibi wth mercy petition for Prezdnt Zardari. Hum ne gulshan ke tahfuz ki qasm khae hae

-Aasia bibi’s appeal has been filed in the High Court. I am personally supervising the case.inshallah I will ensure she is not victimised

-Today at the GCU student quoted from Holy Quran & said Allah will punish those who commit blasphemy I said “agreed so then y have a law”?

-Interior Minister Botha said they release Mandela if he renounced terrorism 2 which the great man replied first Botha

-I was in Faisalabad jail when Nelson Mandela was released & now feel the same elation & excitement at the news of Suu Kyi release

-It is the rich educated & privileged who have destroyed Pak not the poor illeterate & dispossessed

-Corruption! I believe rich & wealthy r more susceptible 2 greed than poor.

-Merry Xmas to all Christian brothers and sisters all over Pakistan. We respect ur patriotism & great role u have played building Pakistan

-Eid mubarik to my my friends all over the world & my prayers 4 Pakistanis threatened by terrorism and affected by floods


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4 Responses to Ashamed to be a Pakistani Today

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  2. minhas says:

    Every human life is sacred and Islam is a religion of peace. Man made laws can be discussed to avoid any of its misuse and if the parliament of An Islamic country feels some improvement areas.that can be done because no muslim will permit blasphem. Our beloved prophet and all other prophets are sacred.Live and let others live in peace..

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  4. Varun says:

    Islam is religion of peace,but it is practiced and preached violently,the religion conversion from non-Islam to Islam is brutal in the human history,how can it be religion of peace,this puzzles and frighten me.

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