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Patriotic Ties that Bind

Since excerpts can be spoilers, you may want to skip the excerpts given below and click here (pdf) to read Jasbir Puar’s new essay, “Abu Ghraib and U.S. Sexual Exceptionalism.” (h/t Kawdess)  … As the space of “illicit and dangerous sex,” the Orient is … Continue reading

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Madrasa Madness

A version of this appeared in Viewpoint Online Issue 51. Madrasa Madness “Mortenson goes to war with the root causes of terror every time he offers a student a chance to receive a balanced education, rather than attend an extremist … Continue reading

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An Interview with Gil Anidjar

Primo Levi, among other survivors of the death camps, has talked about the figure of the Muselmann, the Muslim, in Nazi concentration camps. In Levi’s words, “This word, Muselmann, I do not know why, was used by the old ones of the … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Beardie?

* “The usual cartoonish treatment sank to the level of scum on Stewart’s show. ‘BYE BYE BEARDIE’ ‘THE BIG DEADY’ and so on.” * Stewart brings audience to laughing ecstasy with a beard joke because he doesn’t or can’t acknowledge a beard … Continue reading

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