Of Anti-Ahmadi bigots and Islamophobes – II

My comment on the thread:

Reading — not just what is written but what is actually said — is a skill that is learned with patience and perseverance. This skill is enormously helpful in developing the tools needed to critically understand the world around us and how, in many different ways, it has come to be the way it is.

The only link you’ve posted is actually satire/sarcasm targeting those that are pushing for Haqqani to be prosecuted AND are being anti-Ahmadi by claiming that Mansoor Ijaz is Ahmadi, asking if Ahmadis are not to be trusted then how is it that Mansoor Ijaz’s word is trusted to go after Haqqani. The point is to show that when it suits a particular political agenda, people will use something that they themselves consider to be discredited. Here’s what the same blogger has written in a different post: “The anti-Ahmedi and Hudood laws are a disgusting blot in our penal code.”

What the blogger’s post (the one you mentioned) lacks is effectively pointing out that scapegoating Ahmadis and seeing their hand in every nefarious act against Pakistan is hateful and bigoted, ethically wrong, morally abhorrent, and intellectually stupid. The point is that even if Mansoor Ijaz was Ahmadi, SO WHAT? Being the target of Islamophobia and racism, I know how segments of population are marginalized and violated, how rumors are spread about them, how they are projected as being powerful even while laws are made to restrict their rights and incredible acts of murder done to them— all of it done to justify more violence against them and to continue the ongoing legal and cultural violence on them. This whole string is a lesson in the commonalities between those that are anti-Ahmadi and Islamophobes (e.g. Hindutva in India and racists in the West).

Last but not the least; Islam is not a thing or an object that anyone can steal. It has gone on, goes on, and will continue to go on in its many shapes and forms. Those who are so concerned with the so-called defence of Islam slogan have a disrespectful attitude towards this religion and a very high sense of their own worth (also called arrogance). Islam is not a feeble thing that needs people’s protection. Those that claim to be its protectors, by that very claim think of themselves superior to it. And that is an insult to Islam and Muslims.

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