Reads of 2012

In no particular order:

George M. Fredrickson, Racism: A Short History 

Ashis Nandy, Exiled at Home: Comprising At the Edge of Psychology, The Intimate Enemy and Creating a Nationality. Read The Intimate Enemy here.

Patrick Griffin, American Leviathan: Empire, Nation, and Revolutionary Frontier 

Tram Nguyen, We Are All Suspects Now: Untold Stories from Immigrant Communities after 9/11

Farina Mir, The Social Space of Language: Vernacular Culture in British Colonial Punjab (South Asia Across the Disciplines). Read Kafila’s review here.

Ann Juanita Morning, The Nature of Race: How Scientists Think and Teach about Human Difference. Read some of Ann Morning’s work here.

Michael Omi, Racial Formation in the United States: From the 1960s to the 1990s (Critical Social Thought)

John W. Dower, War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War

Talal Asad, Genealogies of Religion: Discipline and Reasons of Power in Christianity and Islam

Evelyn Alsultany, Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11 (Critical Cultural Communication)

Daisy Rockwell, The Little Book of TerrorRead reviews here.

Pardis Mahdavi, Gridlock: Labor, Migration, and Human Trafficking in Dubai. Read Jadaliyya’s interview with her.

Andrew Gardner, City of Strangers: Gulf Migration and the Indian Community in Bahrain. Read some of Gardner’s work here.

Aman Sethi, A Free Man. Read an excerpt.

Alyssa Ayres, Speaking Like a State: Language and Nationalism in Pakistan


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