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Reading: Talal Asad on “Islam,” Europe, and the civilizational shtick

An excerpt from “Europe Against Islam” (April, 1997): “If religion is often thought of as a major danger, “Islam” is often represented as a uniquely intractable instance of active religion in the modern world. In the modern world “religion”has-or at … Continue reading

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“Justice Undone: Color Blindness After Civil Rights”

Thanks abubanda for sharing this video (Prof. López’s lecture begins at 28:00): Below is some hasty transcription and paraphrasing of some of Professor López’s points in the lecture, to give you a sneak peak and why you should spend the hour … Continue reading

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Patriotic Ties that Bind

Since excerpts can be spoilers, you may want to skip the excerpts given below and click here (pdf) to read Jasbir Puar’s new essay, “Abu Ghraib and U.S. Sexual Exceptionalism.” (h/t Kawdess)  … As the space of “illicit and dangerous sex,” the Orient is … Continue reading

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