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Minor(ity) Issues

This post is for those Pakistanis who squirm just a little bit when they sign that statement on their passport forms, for those who felt even mildly saddened on May 28, 2010, for those who know an Ahmadi and on … Continue reading

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Condemn your Terrah!

Did you condemn your Moozy terror today? Muslims are […] seen as dispensable because they can be marginalized at any time as not really part of ‘us’; they are always required to perform and thereby prove their loyalty– either by … Continue reading

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Moslem Rageology

[Here is the link (PDF) to my review of Irfan Husain’s Fatal Faultlines: Pakistan, Islam and the West for The Sunday Guardian. A special thanks to the wise Panda for his essay “Taking the Place of Martyrs: Afghans and Arabs Under the Banner of … Continue reading

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Imperialism, Theirs and Ours

Below is a conversation about imperialism, US and Pakistani, and my note about it. While it is commendable that there is an upcoming documentary (The Invisible War) to highlight the sexual abuse female US soldiers suffer >> Share on Facebook … Continue reading

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On Anatol Lieven, Empire and Knowledge

There have been some dissonant responses to Anatol Lieven’s Pakistan: A Hard Country. Some (many) call it “the perfect antidote to stereotypical descriptions of the country as the most dangerous place in the world.” (Pakistan isn’t a failed state, you see, it … Continue reading

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Occupy, StopKony, and “Good Intentions”

One comes across reports and essays about the Occupy movements unfolding in big American cities and metropolises as The Occupy Movement — the national, the global. Seldom does one get to read about Occupy in a small town — and I don’t mean … Continue reading

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United States of Islamophobia

…the companies who pulled their ads include Lowe’s, Bank of America, the Campbell Soup Co., Dell, Estee Lauder, General Motors, Goodyear, Green Mountain Coffee, McDonalds, Sears, and Wal-Mart. So many don’t give your money to those companies this holiday season? … Continue reading

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